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25 Pack C9 Warm White LED Superbrite Holiday Christmas Faceted Bulb

25 Pack C9 Warm White LED Superbrite Holiday Christmas Faceted Bulb

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SuperBrite LED Christmas lights are the best commercial grade bulbs on the market for good reason. State of the art SMD LED technology and highly durable construction combine to create a bulb that is exceptionally bright, virtually unbreakable, and saturated with vivid color. Create high impact holiday roof light displays and landscape lighting with large C9 SuperBrite LED bulbs.

Delve into the world of brilliance with our C9 Opticore bulbs, where deeper diamond facets orchestrate a breathtakingly even light halo. Revel in the longevity of 60,000 hours per bulb, boasting an energy-efficient 0.84w per bulb. Powered by Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) LED technology, these bulbs cast a brighter, more uniform radiance from base to tip, eliminating hot spots and conserving energy with less wattage.

Indulge in the resilience of single-piece construction, meticulously crafted from high-quality polycarbonate that defies breakage, fading, chipping, or cracking. Take command of your ambiance with dimmable functionality, offering precise control over brightness. Infused with saturated color throughout, these bulbs promise consistent vibrancy from bulb to bulb.

Experience the advantages of traditional LED bulbs, including an impressive 90 percent reduction in energy usage, cool-to-the-touch surfaces, and an extended lifespan. Our C9 Opticore features SMD technology that's twice as thick as polystyrene and acrylic bulbs, ensuring superior quality. With a seamless single-piece construction”no glue joints to invite moisture”coupled with deeper faceted cuts, these bulbs illuminate your space with unparalleled brightness from base to tip. Welcome to the pinnacle of festive lighting sophistication.

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