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Rain Bird

Rain Bird TBOS-BT1 1-Station Bluetooth Battery-Operated Waterproof Controller (TBOS-BT1)

Rain Bird TBOS-BT1 1-Station Bluetooth Battery-Operated Waterproof Controller (TBOS-BT1)


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Easy to Program

  • Intuitive programming using the Rain Bird Smartphone app.
  • User interface available in these languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic.
  • Complete Manual irrigation mode.
  • Controller and station names can be customized in App for easier identification.
  • TBOS-II Field Transmitter is compatible with TBOS & TBOS-BT Models only. "LT" models are not compatible.

Rain Bird App Features (TBOS-BT/LT)

  • The low battery indicator warns of failing batteries in the TBOS-BT Controller.
  • 3 local irrigation programs may be saved and restored from the App.
  • Capability to erase the controller individual station programs or all programs.
  • Capability to review the irrigation program.

 TBOS-BT/LT Controller Features

  • Basic programming includes 3 independent programs A, B, and C, each with 8 start times per day.
  • Stations can be assigned to several programs with different watering run times
  • Run time is from 1 minute to 12 hours in 1-minute increments.
  • Independent station operation allows sequential start times (with stacking in case of overlap).
  • Program-specific and global Monthly Seasonal Adjust; 0% to 300% (1% increment).
  • Five watering day cycle modes (Custom, even, odd, odd-31, cyclical) are selectable by the program for maximum flexibility and watering restriction compliance.
  • Rain Delay from 1 to 14 days.
  • Master valve output on TBOS-BT 2-, 4-, and 6-station models.
  • A TBOS Backup program may be saved and restored (manually or automatically for Contractor Default capability).
  • No loss of irrigation program after a battery replacement
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