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Tempo Communications

Tempo 501 Tracker II Cable Locator | 501

Tempo 501 Tracker II Cable Locator | 501


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Trace and determine the depth of buried wires and metallic pipes with the 501 Tracker II Cable Locator from Tempo Communications.

The 501 Tracker II underground wire locator offers three methods of connection to fit every location job. Direct connection for maximum signal, inductive coupling for œlive� cable, and an internal inductive antenna for underground location of buried and inaccessible cables. The lightweight receiver provides both audible and visual indications of signal strength for accurate identification.

With its inductive signal detection, the 501 Tracker II cable and wire locator can be used on active or dead systems. Now you can quickly trace the path and determine the depth of buried wires, cables, and metallic pipes or conduit and find the ends of a cut cable without having to deactivate the systems.

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